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New Map! Egeha Map added. I know it isnt out yet and
maybe it may never be out in the US but I have
decided to include what little info on it I have so we
can at least be a little prepared in case it does come out.

New Map! I have added Prokion Temple in Draton to
the list of maps!

New Map! I have added the Velpist Temple to the maps

Loaded Screen Shots of the Castle Seige! See them here!

NEW MAP! Check out the lands of Meracwith  this helpful
Map of Merac!

I have added the Draton Mob Map to the MAPS database. Check it out here!
Added the Entrance of Streia map as well.

You can now find a complete Beginner's Guide in the Special Reports section of the site. I have added Part 1 and will soon have a Part 2 and 3 added.

I have added the Juno Mob Map in the Monsters section of the site.

I have just added the Knight and Healer class in the Classes data base. You can check it out here.

I now have the front page of the Classes page up. I will be adding the Class discriptions just as soon as I have the other front end pages up.

Last Chaos has listed this site #3 on the main LC site under community/fansites! This means I am going to be getting a lot of hits and have a lot of work to do to make sure this site is informational as well as entertaining. If anyone has original guides, art, or any type of content they would like to add please e-mail me at I will answer all e-mails but keep in mind that I also hold a full time job and it may take a few days to get back to you.

The site is off to a slow roll with the addition of the beggining of the maps section. I have included a detailed map of Randal and soon you will be able to click on each NPC on the map for a detailed description of what each of them do such as the Animal Trainer. So head on over to the MAPS section now and check it out.

I have created custom graphics for the site as well as completion of each page as a template. I have also added the portal entrance.
Tommarow I will start with the maps section.
Midnight Ferret
Welcome to the birth of a brand new Ambardian fan site for Last Chaos!
I am very please with LC and look forward to designing this site. A new fan site such as this is a very time consuming project and I ask that you please be patient and check back for daily updates.
Newest Map! Margaadum Prison

Added the Quests of Randol in the Quest section of the site.
Maps Section Overhaul!
I have completely redone thr maps section. It will now be called The Atlas of Iris. I think it will certainly add great ease in your search of the lands. All you have to do now is simple follow the sign posts.

City of Dratan Map!Maps Section Overhaul!
Heres a new map of the city in Draton complete with
NPC list and location.
Ambard's Guide to the Underwater World of Last Chaos!
This is just a fun guide for anyone who has ever fallen in and couldn't figure out how to get out of the water.
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Juno and Randol Maps Updated!
I have updated my previous maps of Juno and Randol. These new maps have more detailed info as well as being in wonderfull full color!
Flash Map of Juno!
I have created my first ever flash map! Its a mob map of Juno, I hope you enjoy it.
Juno Flash Map
Ambard accepted as Game Sage and AO Street Team member.
Starting in the month of May I was accepted as a GS and an AO Street Team member. As my duties to the game has increased my time for updateing Ambardia has grown shorter. I will however continue to update this site, be it a bit slower. Please bear with me, Thanks.
New Poster and Graphics area open!
I have created a new area called the Poster Shop. It will be full of cool posters and graphics for you to use.
Ambard in Real Life
Dual Class Guide!
I have a new guide on the dual class system in the special reports section.
Guardian System Guide
I have a new guide on the Guardian system in the special reports section.
Gelflins LC Fan Site
Weapon Manual Chart
I have a new guide up for weapon manuals, those wonderful little books you get from mobs.
Level XP Chart
I have a new chart up detailing leveling XP.
Ambard's Last Chaos Movie!
After two hard weeks of production, I have finally finished one of my most ambitious projects. This is a 6 minute video with a narative account of the history of Iris. So grab some popcorn, kick back and enjoy the movie.
Egeha Maps Updated!
I have updated the Egeha map and included an NPC map as well as a map of Aaron the village you teleport to and from.
The Matrix- a Last Chaos Video!
I have uploaded a new LC video I have created for your enjoyment. So grab some popcorn, sit back and watch one of my Ambardia Production releases!
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Free MMOs
I would like to invite everyone to Ambard's MMO Gaming Portal. This resource packed site is created by gamers for gamers as a one stop place to find free MMOs as well as tools and fansites to help any online gamer achieve bliss. So if you want to check out some free games or you need the latest screen capture software for those hot game movies, then why not come on in and give Ambardia Online a once over. I will be updateing the site daily and if anyone sees anything that needs to be added then please shoot me an e-mail at Thanks
Mage Guide!
I have uploaded the Mage Guide! I know it's about time, right.